Questions & Answers

Does accept Mastercard?

Yes, according to our research, does accept Mastercard.

Does accept Visa?

Yes, accept's visa card on it's website and mobile app in all currencies.

Does accept American Express?

Yes, accepts American express on all of it's platforms when paying in USD and some other currencies.

Does accept JCB cards?

Yes, does accept JCB cards on their website and mobile app.

Does accept Diner's Card?

Yes, accept's Diner's card on both their website and mobile app when paying in USD.

Does accept Discover Card?

Yes, accept's Discover card on both their website and app when paying in USD.

Does accept UnionPay cards?

Yes, accepts UnionPay cards on all their platforms.

Does accept Apple Pay?

Yes, great news, accepts apple pay through their mobile app in multiple currencies.

Does accept Google Pay?

Yes, accepts Google Pay on both their mobile app and website.

Does accept AfterPay?

No. Unfortunately unlike some other online travel sites, does not support AfterPay at this time.

Does Ortbitz accept Discover cards?

Yes, Discover Cards are accepted by Orbitz according to our information.

Does Ortbitz accept Diners cards?

Great news. Diners Cards are indeed accepted by Orbitz.